Free Statistical Software Downloads

Free Statistical Software Downloads

Free statistical software is quick and easy to download and install. Instructions to download and install some of the most popular free statistical software are below. Follow these instructions to get free statistical software running on your computer in minutes.



GNU’s PSPP is a free, open-source clone of IBM’s SPSS statistical software. The free statistical software PSPP can be downloaded here:

There are two methods to download and install PSPP:

The first way to get PSPP is to download the source code from Gnu and install. This is a complicated process but ensures the most recent version is being installed. To download and install the source code for PSPP follow the instructions under Downloading the Source Code in the link above.

The second, and much easier method, is to install the binary. Unfortunately the most recent version of PSPP is not always available using this method. Installing the binary is the software installation process you are likely familiar with from installing other downloadable software. To install the PSPP binary, scroll down the page at the link above to Binaries. Find the bullet point with the operating system you use and open that link.

For example, the download for PSPP looks like this:

PSPP Download Screenshot


R Logo

The R Project for Statistical Computing’s R is a free, open-source statistical package. The free statistical software R can be downloaded here:

To install R, click any one of the links in the link above (one in your country is recommended). This opens a page with links to downloads of R for Linux, R for Mac and R for Windows. Click the link for the operating system you use under Download and Install R. Finally, click the link base under Subdirectories:. Finally, click Download R 2.15.0 for Windows (or similar, depending on the version of R and your operating system).

For example, the download for R looks like this:R Download Screenshot

Then this:

R Download Screenshot2

And finally this:

R Download Screenshot3