PSPP Videos

PSPP Videos

PSPP is a free, open-source clone of the commercial statistical package SPSS. It’s a like a free SPSS download! The videos below show how to use PSPP.


Overviews of the Free Statistical Software PSPP

Note that this video is a little out of date – the look of the output has been improved.

Another overview of PSPP.

How to Download PSPP and Install PSPP

How to Frequencies and Distributions in PSPP

How to Recode Variables in PSPP

How to Bivariate Correlations in PSPP

How to Compute an Index in PSPP

How to Export PSPP Output as a PDF and Paste into Word

You can also export output as html, opendocument, text, postscript, or csv. Just select the file type using the Infer File Type from Extension drop-down menu in the Export Output window.